Sunday, 31 July 2011

Friends have started helping Me for next years trip......

Well after a hard week at work trying to fix/find why things stop but are still going all OK at the same time????

                                          One of my friend delivers a Cap for me to use next year! Thank you Warren.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Today on ride to work I got to ride in snow for the 1st time, if only I did not have to go to work playing in/cycling in snow may have been FUN!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sundays easy ride

Well Sunday and Sunny again! so off riding again (at last some riding).

My dirty bike!

So I cycled down to Huka Falls (stopped for photo) then ride off road along the river until I can across closed track sign! because of logging, so turned around cycle back until the new Waikato river bridge, crossed over the river and cycle down some new tracks that I have not riding on before. than onto the road and a little hill going to ride longer but pain (from last weeks Endo) was getting a little too much, so turn for home and a good 3 hour ride, a good day.

Huka Falls in the Sun.

Waikato River Trails

Well Saturday was a great Sunny day and some friends TXT (SMS) about going for a offroad ride. We car pooled up to Atiamuri and cycled along Waikato River Trails for a few hours, great days ride with some good friends (thanks) as I would have stayed home with my pain's after last weeks big OFF.
Good training for the dirt roads in Africa next year.

Ted & Erin

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Test Dummy Day

Today was my 1st day offroad on the new (TDA) bike, I was the tail ender in Saucony Off Road Half Marathon in Taupo. The day started all ok, just a little rain from time to time. Then at around the 8km mark the track came out onto a fire road climbing up a little hill to 9km mark and a turn around before going back down the hill! as the road add no runners (or walks) (there was no one for about a km or two) so I was off back down the road at speed! (about 60+ kph) all was ok until the 1st wash out (hole) at speed? I was riding on the front wheel (O'no) hit a 2nd wash out and did one  BIG ENDO landing 20 metre's down the road and in a lillte PAIN.
Bike ok apart from the brake levers moving down the bars.
Me? cracked rib, road rash, broken helmet, painfull shoulder, etc But Ok!
So the bike is going to be ok and in a few day I will be Too.
Test Dummy! was the socks I had on today (and the last time too I think)
Back to work Monday.

Moved brake lever after off?

Bike set up with offroad tyres.


Saturday, 2 July 2011


Well as Willy Nelson sing's "On the road again" i'm at last rolling again with my new Surly bike and today is the 1st day (loads more) of training for TDA a short 25+ km's

                     Still some more changer's to come, But the start at Last..