Sunday, 28 August 2011

Spring is in the Air

Well it was a great sunny weekend so get to ride two days in a row.
Saturday was a short 3 hours riding on road and some off road tracks.
Today (Sunday) an easy 4 hours ride with 50/50 mix of road and off road cycle tracks (about 45 + km's)
stopped for lunch and a read in the sun (13c)
Bike going well but need to change from my Rohloff Speedhub to STD gear set up.

Note new saddle bag? may not use it in Africa but good for long training days.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

1st Training Ride after Bike Fit

Well in the last week or so it's been cool?

A Cool Morning's start! 

 Well Saturday morning I got my bike set up adjusted (Bike Fit). Thinks to Mark at Top gear Cycles my seat is 10mm's higher and offset to the right a little. I will have to off set my cranks to fit me better too.
Well today was my 1st days ride and I can not be live it, cycling is fun again more power on the hill (little ones). The Sun was out today too.
Short 3 hour ride in the Sun. Temp about 12c

New cycle bag too.

Food stop! just out of Taupo


Monday, 15 August 2011

A little more about Me!

Well yes I have been cycling for almost 40 years.
Most of the time off road or short tour's around parts of the UK, and parts of NZ.
Also day ride's for fun/and some times to find parts to fix Bus's or Truck's I drive on tour's around Europe and North Africa.

I started riding Singlespeed MTB's back in 1992 long before all the mad singler's.

In 2004 I switched to Unicycling "KISS" (keep it simple) and have been riding Mountain Unicycle for the last two years, having fun? I have some friend that keep asking if i'm going to ride on one wheel in Africa???
the Answer?? is a BIG NO that is NO!

Out on a training ride.

Yes its Ti and has two speed gear hub!

Climbing a small hill at speed?