Monday, 24 October 2011

Training so far.................

Well this weekend I had planned to ride all three days (long weekend) BUT work mate (?) went fishing so I worked and it was a busy Saturday (Big Motocross meeting on) then after work meet up with some Unicycle friends as NZ Unicycle Nat's were on too.
So Sunday morning I at last fitted a speedo to bike and after Lunch it was time to go riding, Good fun ride but still a little Cool.
Today I planned to go for a long ride of about 80kms? Well for the 1st time I was Warm (That's Warm?) well the planned route was a pain flat (almost) and the Big Pine tree's along the road had been cut down so windy and not so much fun to ride so I turned around and ride a shorter but more fun (rolling hills) route.
But at the end of the day it was only 62kms!
The plan for this week is to ride after work (Tuesday), Wednesday day off work and go and get my Yellow Fever etc for Africa.

SUNDAY           23/10     20kms road 10kms dirt road = 30kms
MONDAY         24/10   54kms road 8kms Mountain track = 62kms
TUESDAY         25/10   20kms road 6kms dirt track = 26kms
WEDNESDAY   26/10   walked about 12kms and got Yellow Fever, etc
THURSDAY      27/10    8kms road (just to work and home again)
FRIDAY            28/10    8kms road!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Less then Three Months to Go!

Train is back on course after feeling ill for the the last week or so. Today was a good ride? Head wind's, Sun, Rain, Sun again. Then ride off road for 6 kms on wet (muddy) tracks a good test for my Schwalbe Marathon XR 42-700c tyre's? on coming back down the last down hill my front tyre washed out! (off again)
So good test but the XR's will not be used on muddy days in Africa, I'll be using a set of Schwalbe Marathon Extreme tyre's for the muddy days.

I'm looking to replace the Surly Cross Check forks with some custom designed forks that I have been working on, The idea is to have some more room for a bigger front tyre for the rocky days and to have sum bottle mounts for more water bottles on hotter days? Still thinking about it! But may wish that I have them on if I do not go with them????? once in Africa!

Also my friend (Warren) has been looking into making some custom cycle bags for my Bike?

All this and the time is flying by?

Some photo's from today's ride

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday, Sun, and Pain...

Well at last the Sun was out still a little cool. A short ride with some pain?
Pain because I changed the brake's over to V-Brake's and the V-Brake brake levers aren't the most comfortable to hold onto! As the hood top's are bit pointed (cut into hands on the offroad tracks). So I'll be changing back over to Cane Creek SCR-5 Brake Levers and have ordered some Avid Shorty 6 Cantilever brake! so  the brakes will be fixed.
Next is the change over to STD derailleur gears from the Rohloff hub gears!
I have also ordered two 2 litre drink bottles (got today) and cage's (to be mounted onto the lower front fork legs) to top up the main drink bottles on the HOT long days.
I have also ordered a Showers Pass VelEau drink system
so I hope I have drink water worked out!

Time to clean up and make lunch for work Monday!

Hi KIWI UNI thanks for getting it back for me. :-)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Three Sundays in a row Rain! and Cold!

Well this last weekend was Raining and cold again so I changed the brakes over on my bike to see if I got some more power, and going to try out gel pads under the bar tape too.

One of my friends show me this photo below.

Its would make a good TDA sticker's for on the bikes.