Monday, 28 November 2011

Some Photo's of Weekends Cycle Training Ride (Having Fun)

Just about at the top of 1st climb with a strong tail wind!

A long line of Cyclists

Having Fun riding up one of the few (small) Hills

Passing time around a 25kph bend at 35kph!

The Finish Line! 1st 160km ride this year! More to come..


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Taupo Cycle Challenge!

Well I finished working on my bicycle and went for the 1st ride with STD gear set up, all working well and me having to lean to charge gear with two shifters!!
Went for 1st train ride 35km's and find that my left knee was in pain (for the 1st time) I adjusted a few things but no luck? So I went to see Mark (@TopGear Cycles) for help we worked out that maybe the change of BB and moving the left crankarm over (to the centre of the bike) had up set thinks I removed a plate from under my toes and I tried that? I still hard some pain so I lowered my seat by 4mm.

WIND, WIND, and More WIND on Thursday, Friday, and of course Saturday the 26.11.11!
Well it was time for my 1st long training ride around Lake Taupo 160km's and it was very winded (the MTB race on the same day was call off because of trees being blowen down!)
So of I cycled with a knee in a little pain and high winds (head winds) I put my plan of sub 7 hours aside and just cycled for fun.
I rode at a speed that my knee pain was just a little and keeped my bike in low gears all the way Finishing in just under 9.30 hours

Today the wind has dropped and the Sun is Hot, Knee is OK and its time to train some more.............

Sold off the Rohloff

Well my Rohloff Speedhub (6 years old) SOLD on for very good money, (Thanks)
So I went for one last cycle ride along some of the cycle ways around Taupo (35kms), all worked good. So it was time too remove and packed it all up. Rohloff parts and the rear wheel (with Hub of course) to its new home.

So I had luck that a new BB came in the post the same day, To rebuild my bike with STD gear set up.
Cutting cables and work out the best way to route the cables, Fit new brakes and set them up. To find some of the small parts losted in my shed full of box's of cycle parts, I lost a week of training but the bike is almost set up for TDA and the around the lake Cycle Challenge on the 26.11.11

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hard Day..............

....... __o
....... \<, Life is like riding a bicycle.
 .... ( )/ ( ) To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Gear Listed

Camping Gear

Tent Two/Three Person  Yes
Sleeping bag liner
Dish, Mug, Plate, and Fork  Yes
Sleeping Bag  Yes but old
Camping mattress
Small tarp   Yes

Cycle Clothing

5 x Cycling Shorts  Two new shorts more to come?
1 x Cycling Shoes   Yes New
5 x Cycling Jerseys,  2 x Long Sleeved, 3 x Short Sleeved  Almost 3 x SS Jerseys Yes.
5 x Pairs of Cycling Socks
2 x Gloves, 1 x Full Finger, 1 x Short Finger
2 x Rain Jacket, 1 x Light, 1x STD Cycle Rain Jacket
1 x Soft Shell Jacket  Yes
1 x Cycling Helmet
2 x Sunglasses, 1 x Dark, 1x Light   Yes to one so far and One new pair Yes..
Chaffing cream Worked out that i'm going to run with DZ Nuts!
1 Pair of Cycling pants
Arm and leg warmers?  Which ones??

Spare Parts

3 x Chains  Ordered
5-10 patch kits?
Loads of Spare Tubes  Yes came today (4.11.11) tick.
40 x 292mm Spokes. As front wheel, rear wheel drive side and rear wheel non drive side are all the same!
1 x Spare Rim  Ordered
1 x full Spare set of Brake and Shift Cables.
4 x Brake pads  Ordered
1 x Spare Saddle  ?
1 x Spare Seat Post ?? may go with a spare std one?
3 x Set of Tyres- one set road specific and one set off-road specific and a fifth for sandy conditions.  Yes
2 x Front wheel bearings  Yes
4 x Rear wheel bearings  Yes
2 x BB bearings  Yes
1 x Spare full BB with bearings and Axle  Yes
1 x Set of pawls for freehub  Yes
1 x Spring for freehub  Yes
1 x 48T chainring  Ordered
1 x 36T chainring  Ordered
1 x 24T chaining   Ordered


1 x Multi tool   Yes
2 x Bottom Bracket Tools (for Phil Wood BB)  Yes
2 x Mini pumps  Yes
1 x Set of Tyre levers Yes well maybe?
1 x Bag of Zip ties  Losted?
1 x Small Backpack (for off bike days only)  Yes
1 x Cycle Clean brush

Wash Gear

1 x Soap  Still looking for it?

Yes I cut and paste this list from Ian with a few changes for Me and My Bicycle.....