Monday, 23 January 2012

In Aswan.

We have all got to Aswan safe and well.

We have only 17 km's more cycling in Egypt, cycling to the ferry in the morning.
Then we are off to Sudan and heat! its been cool (cold) in Egypt, a cool wind all the way? But a lot of tail winds. On one of the long day's I averaged 28+ kph on a 133 km day with rolling hills, riding up hill's at over 30 kph is not some thing that I do at home in New Zealand! (avg 27 kph on the longest day 166 km's)

Over a 1000 km's so far, leg's good, Buttocks good, all good training for the hills to come?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bike Bags Made and Fitted and Tested Today!

Well Warren worked hard for TWO long days making up all my Bags for Tour d'Afrique 2012.

Thank You Warren I think the bags are going to work out great!

The front bag is for my Camera, food, and odds and ends? I have a small Solar Charger that will fit on top of front bag to charge up my phone??

The bag along the top tube is for my bike pump and cycle tools/levers etc.

The rear bag is to carry my spare tubes etc?

Here are some Photo's of my bike almost set up for TDA with my new bags.

I hope you all like the Sheep on front and the Kiwi crossing at the rear?


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year to All

Well today it the 1st day of 2012 and a wet one too.
Today it's been time to design all the bags that i'm taking to Africa, Warren Ellery hard at the designing and drawing up all the bags, 3.1 x cycle bags (to fit on to my bike) and 3 x bags to fit into the lockers on the Tour d'Afrique trucks.

3.1 x cycle bags?? One to fit onto the front carrier, One to fit just under the top tube (for my pump to fit into), and the One (Point One) is for the rear of my saddle to fit in my spare tube's and a small inner bag to put my tools into.

3 x bags (locker), Bag One is for the back of lock to fit all my cycle spare part's/tube's/tyre's, etc into.  Bag Two is my almost waterproof is for all of my Clothes, etc. Bag three is for bag two to fit into on plane over, and fit in my tent,etc.

All are going to be a cool brown colour with some small New Zealand sew-on's

Time to start packing? Once the bags are made!
Charge over the chain, etc on my bicycle too.