Friday, 16 March 2012

Well its Time for Home

Well meet up with the Tour said Hi and Goodbye, I'm flying home this weekend (I hope) and recover sum more at My Mum's before going back to Taupo.

After getting the Ok to rejoin the tour I got sick (bad food) and had some people say NOT to rejoin!
So I'm off home to start training for 2013?
I'll seat down and think about it 1st, Have to find some more money too.

I'll post photo's once home..... in N.Z.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Update today

Well today  saw my Doctor and had fitness tests.
All good, Passed!!
He is all happy with Me, He has said that I can cycle to Cape Town!
I'm OK to rejoin  the Tour of Africa?
I have missed out on Some of the tour (OK 30+ days) BUT I have seeing thinks that I would Not have?
A Girl with one arm working to make her arm strong and smiling about it, (She is alive)
Young Men leaning to walk again, Women working hard to get well, So much.

1st/  I'm Alive. (thanks to alot of people)

2nd/  Do I cycle again this year? (I'm fit, fell good, walking km's,)

3rd/  Do I come back next year? (I have time off this year, being alive I would like to see Africa after all)

4th/  Next year never come's? (it's always next year and then next year)

We will see this weekend?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Doctor's Report

Well yesterday I saw my Doctor and He has said that I'm doing well, He is going to do a fitness test on Me next week and if (and only if) I pass the test then He is saying that I may rejoin the tour again this year!

My X-Ray is all clear, My Blood tests are all good! so it's down to the Fitness test and T.D.A. clearing Me to rejoin the Tour This Year??

I have started walking km's and going to the GYM to help out..

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Out of Hospital

Well at last I'm out of Hospital and staying at a Hotel across the road from the Hospital, I'll be staying there for the next 2 weeks before flying home to New Zealand.
I'm missing all the T.D.A. team and friends, missing all the cycling and seeing new places!
I hope that I can come back next year and finish the trip to Cape Town...
Thanks Guys.
Here is some think that I find in a Africa Mag..
"There must be more delayed and unfulfilled projects in Africa than anywhere else in the world. Unfinished buildings (schools/churches), incomplete road networks, abandoned windmills, unplanted forestry and so on, all presumably awaiting a stroke of a pen to facilitate more funds or mobilise a workforce to do the job."
Just some thing to think about.....