Thursday, 8 March 2012

Update today

Well today  saw my Doctor and had fitness tests.
All good, Passed!!
He is all happy with Me, He has said that I can cycle to Cape Town!
I'm OK to rejoin  the Tour of Africa?
I have missed out on Some of the tour (OK 30+ days) BUT I have seeing thinks that I would Not have?
A Girl with one arm working to make her arm strong and smiling about it, (She is alive)
Young Men leaning to walk again, Women working hard to get well, So much.

1st/  I'm Alive. (thanks to alot of people)

2nd/  Do I cycle again this year? (I'm fit, fell good, walking km's,)

3rd/  Do I come back next year? (I have time off this year, being alive I would like to see Africa after all)

4th/  Next year never come's? (it's always next year and then next year)

We will see this weekend?

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  1. Go for it apparently its all down hill from there anyway, take it easy for a day or so an you will get the hang of an you will have the time of your life, an keep taking photos