Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Well i'm looking to get a kayak again.
I live only 550 metres for Reids Farm (river play spot) and kayaking is good for upper body fitness, also good to do on wet days.
So i'll see.


Me in my Old Creek Boat (not that easy to play in Wave's but so Fun)

Yes that's Me Playing in a Hole! Fun! Fun!


It's Here!

It last my bike is here! Yes at last it get to me, Only some damage as some one had unpacked it in Africa? Why I do not know.
I rebuild it today and will test it out over the next few days.
It will be my 1st ride for a long time.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Battery Charging

Well a few people had solar charger on the trip at the start (when I was still cycling with them) some worked ok and some were no good for any think but paper weight's!

One Rider had a front hub that charged up has phone, GPS, etc.

Dynamo Hub

So it looked that if you have the money a Dynamo Hub is the way to go. (Note: Yes you can have a disc Dynamo Hub too.)

Here is of many shops that sale Dynamo Hubs and they sale Tout Terrain The Plug II

The Charger Part to Charge up Your Things.

Here is a web page.

Have a Look


Desert Camp to Luxor

Start of Day the Root.

Lunch Stop the 1st time with Watch's.

Lunch Bus and Food.

Photo Time.

After Lunch Cycling along

Looking Back Just Before Luxor

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

TDA Cycle Frame for Next Year and Cycle Touring

Well My Surly Check-Cross frame was good for the part of Africa that I rode, But after Talking to some of the Riders in Nairobi Campsite I'm looking for a New Bike Frame that fit's in 2.4 x 29"er tyres for the off road sectioning here are some photo's of the bike I'm looking to build up with My wheels etc from my Surly.

So like one of these with Rim Brakes and Drop Bars

Monday, 2 April 2012

New Set Up for Next Year?

Here is a New way of mounting Barend gear shifter, I'm thinking to change to this set up for next year TDA ride aross Africa.

What do you all think?

New levers to mount on a set of Barend Shifters

With shifters Mounted

1st Day with some Climbing?

Time to Start Climbing

Sun's up My Bike all set Time to Go Riding

Pulling down camp.

Photo stop on the way up the climb, with Sun coming up.

To Safaga and the last day by the Sea.

Day Plan.

Departing Camp