Monday, 2 April 2012

New Set Up for Next Year?

Here is a New way of mounting Barend gear shifter, I'm thinking to change to this set up for next year TDA ride aross Africa.

What do you all think?

New levers to mount on a set of Barend Shifters

With shifters Mounted

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  1. Hiya Kiwi Pete - Noticed your post! :)

    Retroshift is designed for cyclocross but you are probably right in that it might be a good fit for an environment that might be less than kind.

    If you go this rout I would recommend getting a hold of a set of shift levers to use that have a friction option. This way if a Rhino leaves your derailleur hanger bent you will probably still be ok.


    The Goats
    Retroshift LLC
    Portland, OR