Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Review of Cycling. Updated

Well i'm still looking to change my bicycle around more as a tourer for loaded camping trips and harder off road riding. With the Surly I keep hitting the front wheel with my foot and can not going around corners fast off road because of this.
So it's looking that a Thorn Sherpa MK3 with STD gears, a Thorn Ripio, or a Thorn Nomad MK2 and going back to a Rohloff Speedhub.
The Ripio is more a Mountain Bike that is designed to carrier a touring load and can be charged about for tour only to MTB only.
The Nomad MK2 is desgined as Tour/Mountain Bike with Rohloff gear hub, so can also be charged around to!
The Sherpa MK3 is more a all rounder/Tourer.

Thorn Sherpa (note this is a MK2)

Thorn Nomad MK2

Can be builded up like this for MTBing or as a Tourer  (this is the lighter Nomad MK2 X)

Like this for Touring

Or a Touring/MTB cross

Its hard which way to go, it may end up being a cost thing in the end?
After thinking about things and all the laying around in bed (overseas) i'm looking to go back to cycle touring for fun.
Yes I would like to finish Tour d'Afrique, and if I can find the time and money again i'll be back to finish the tour. But one of these bikes will still be good for TDA and the Nomad can have Suspension forks on it! so it down to which one?


Well I have got a New Rohloff Speedhub and Ordered a Yellow Thorn Nomad MK2.

Thorn Sherpa

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012


Back home at last! in Taupo.
Time to find a new job and start saving for my next cycle trip.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Old Mountain Bike Training Route.

Well I got out for my 2nd ride today leg's ok after 310 metre's of climbing, cycling in loose dirt with road tyres on was hard work going down some of the down hills!

Love New Zealand

Only about 10 metre's of the old dirt road left

Over looking Orewa

Parked be the Seaside


Looking back to Orewa, almost Home.

I just rode 19.6 kilometers! Check it out on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/7725138


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Updating of My Bicycle

Well I have been looking to update my bike a little, would like a better frame! with 3 x bottle mounts, more room for bigger tyres, a little shorter top tube, etc.
Its looking like i'll have to get one made for me.. But the cost is to High for Me at this Point so i'm working on one of 3 framesets to run with?

1st is by Cotic - U.K.

A Cyclocross designed by a Mountain Biker
Room for 42mm or 1.6" x 700c Tyres
Only Two drink Bottle's but the two are on the down tube?
Can fit the 3rd on top of stem with a King mount*

2nd is by Black Mountain Cycles - U.S.A.

A Mountaincrosser or Monstercross
Room for 50mm or 1.9"x 700c
Only Two Bottle mounts in the STD place's? down tube and seat tube.
Can fit the 3rd on top of stem with a King mount*

3rd is by Thorn from St John's Cycles - U.K.

A touring bike designed by a cycle Tourer
 Room for 2.15" x 26" tyres
Comes with Three Bottle mount's STD
Seat tube, Top of Down tube, Under Down tube.

King mount*

Fit's on top of stem! But under stem top cap.


Luxor on the Nile Photo's

  Well here are some more Photo's this time from Luxor on the Nile

About to Sail up the Nile

The Captain? No :-)

This is the Ship's Captain (on the left)

Out on the Nile

A few of the Crew??

No to of the TDA riders

Jana Dumas

Sun setting

O" Sunset over the Nile.

Night on the Nile with Gennesse, Jana, Me, and Femke

A great night sail on the Nile, But very cold at the end!