Saturday, 4 August 2012

1st Ride on New Bike!

Well today is a new start with cycle touring, travel.
My new bike is set up for Mountain Biking and weekend offroad camping trip's.
I have a pair of steel fork's for longer cycle tour's
Not finished but up and running.

Before Ride.

My odd looking "Jeff Jones Loop" handlebars

My little "KIWI" bag off my "Africa Bike"

Out Mountain Biking, testing bike.



  1. Hi Pete,
    Nice bike love the Tonka yellow! I also have a thorn Raven 5 years old now but super strong. Just a quick question about the handle bars where did you get them from? I have been looking for a pair of them but have not found any at the right price where they will post them to NZ:-( Any info on them would be useful. Enjoy the thorn

  2. Hi Richard,
    Thanks about My new Nomad
    Jeff Jones Loop H-Bars? I'm sorry to say I got them off "Trade Me" but was about to get a pair from Jeff in the U.S.
    Which if I still like them after a few more weeks of riding, plan to order a Pair of Ti Loop H-Bar's!
    To cut down on road buzz to my hand's.
    Sorry if I get a new pair from Jeff Jones, my Al Loop H-bar's have a friend just waiting to buy off me.
    I have always find shipping from the U.K. a lot lower then from the U.S. But Ti Loop Bar's cost a LOT! so shipping is OK???

  3. Nice !

    Are these Middleburn Cranks?
    I'm thinking about putting some RS7 (Square) on my future Rohloff designed-frame…
    But chain-line… i don't know… What BB do you have?

    Cheers !

    1. Hi Fred,
      Sorry for being so slow at replying to You.
      Yes the cranks are Middleburn RS7 square tapper, I run them with "Phil Wood" BB.
      Which size I do not know? I'm running a short size and have the BB off set to the right so that my left knee is over my left pedal.
      I thank that before off setting the my crank's I was running a 111mm "Phil Wood"