Saturday, 28 December 2013

Happier Times it's Christmas

Well it Christmas and its warm in New Zealand at this time of year, i'm over the Cowboys of Africa/Canada!

So I have got a new Road Bike Frameset for Christmas and i'm in the middle of building her up, just waiting on a few parts to come.... I'm hoping today! but next week is ok.

Here is one of my Christmas Cards I got this year. . . .

NZ Christmas at the Beach



Thursday, 26 December 2013

Africa and Cowboys

I now have the time to be writing about my time in Africa last year. The Highs and the Lows!

My Time in Africa.

I think the best way to see Africa, is to Cycle Tour (solo). There are some cycle tours in Africa that are run by Cowboys!

First my background
I have worked as a Tour Driver, Tour Leader, and Part time Cook (I'm not a very good cook) for over Ten Years in NZ, Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavian.
I have worked for some of the Best Tour Companies and a Few Cowboys Tour Companies! so I do know how tours work and how that the good companies do so much behind the scene! 
When Cowboys just take your Money and Do not check, phone, e-mail, how you are? or how they can help you or your family!

Last week I was talking to a Doctor from OZ and she was saying the the word was out (in OZ) about how a Canadian Cycle Tour Company that was working in Africa with No Safe! Safety Plan.

This need's to change! before someone Dies in Africa with them.

So for me and my time in Africa.

I saw this first hand when a friend on the Tour had e-mailed a number of times over the months leading up to the Tour about being a Vegan and if they could accommodate their needs on Tour and the reply was always Yes! 
But when at the start of the Tour, the Cook asked if there was any vegetarians on Tour (which there were a few) and when they said that they were a Vegan! and the Cook said I hope you have all you Diet Needs??

This after all the e-mails about being a Vegan!

When I got sick I found out the hard way that all was not good, No back up plan! I was taken to the wrong Hospital 1st then the 2nd Hospital was not very good and still the wrong one! the people that said they were Doctors were Not Doctors! This is where a Safety Plan comes in! (I would have been better to find a good Doctor then go to a Bad Hospital).

Why No Safety Plan? this is just Not the way to be running a Cycle Tour Company in Africa! and having done this for ten years is Just Wrong.

I was Lucky that two of the staff where Very Very Good from the Tour Group.

One saving my life late at night in the Hospital (By Herself) Then She and One of the guys Kidnapped me, taking me to the Airport and onto a Plane.
The Flying Doctors to Kenya thanks to my Travel Insurance and the two staff off the Tour.

This Plane ride was the Best Plane Ride I have had, Inflight Painkillers! (at last I could handle the pain!), Water and Crisps (1st food and water in over 20 hours). A Big thanks to all the staff on the Plane! and thanks for taking most of my cycle gear with me :) 

The Plane was packed.

Once in Kenya and at one of the best Hospitals in Africa, the Doctor's and all the Staff were Great! Thank You for looking after me and getting me back onto my feet again! (Sorry for Fighting you all the time! trying to walk 20 metres when I could only walk 1 metre!) 

I was sick in Bed for almost 4 weeks, then 2 + weeks in a Hotel as an Outpatient.

I would like to Thank a few who stopped me going mad, All the Staff in the Kenya Hospital, Cousin Alan for coming to see me for a few days, my Auntie for faxing the New Zealand Embassy,Tom and this Family (Honorary-Consul to New Zealand in Kenya) Who has since Died... (
Thanks Tom) Thanks to All in the Hotel in Kenya, there was a lot of you that helped me :-) Thanks

No thanks to the Cowboys from the Cycle Tour in Canada or Africa!Yes you washed your hands of me!

(Yes I did apply to work for you? but like in Europe! Good staff can help make a Cowboy Tour 
Company into an Ok Tour Company!)

So I have not named the Cowboys! But you all know who I was cycling in Africa with, and they are the Cowboys that I had and will Not Name! I do not have the money or time to hold them to Account for there bad planning and aftercare.

I would just have liked a phone call to check on me, or for them to send someone to see me (they have friends in Kenya), or to e-mail me to say Sorry for there poor Safety Planning and that they have fixed this for the up coming years?

If you go with them Good Luck!

I will be going back to Africa Solo or with a Friend or Two..

Africa is Waiting :-)


Thursday, 21 November 2013

1st Ride!

Well tonight I got to ride my new MTB the I have been waiting for, for a long time!
I just can not put it in word's
But it is the most Fun I have had in Years......................................................
It's love!

this morning outside of work

More about her to come....



Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Well my new Mountain Bike ETA is this friday! so have my fingers crossed and just waiting for it to come in the door.
I hope to be riding it this weekend....



Well New Bike did NOT come Friday or today (Saturday) so i'm still waiting, and crying!

Pete........................ :-(


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Africa 2012

Here is a few photo's I came across a few weeks ago of the 1st day with Tour d'Afrique.
It was cold and we all had only a little sleep from the night before (thinking about the up coming ride down Africa) and a photo of me weeks later drinking a cool drink! (I had know idea of the drawing on the wall! thanks to a friend for this photo)

The start line? Ok we had riding a few km's from the Hotel

On the way! (i'm on the left in the Yellow cycle top)

I fun day in the heat (of Sudan), time to cool off and a fun photo :-)

Pete....      .  .. . . ..


Monday, 4 November 2013

Friday, 1 November 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Today Updated

Well I have been changing the lay out of my Blog today and to be posting more posts.

I'm waiting for my new bike to land, update e.t.a. is 15th of Nov.......

Once it has come i'll be changing my Tom (Thorn Nomad) to full on HD Cycle Tourer.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Revolution One: A Story of Off-Road Unicycling

This is so Cool and Why I started Unicycling in 2004..
I have stopped for two years But with friends who still unicycle and after watching this I'll have to start Mountain Unicycling again..............
Yes this documentary is long But its cool at the same time..
OK it time for me to start building up a new light Muni      

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Mountain Biking Again . . . .

Well at last I have find full time work and it's great because i'm working as a Bicycle Mech!
It's so cool repairing bicycles and cycling to and from work

I have started cycling again to get fit and have Fun Mountain Biking.
I have ordered a new Bike and it's ETA is 12 of Nov....

Here is a photo of it..

Happy Cycling........... Pete..


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rowing the Atlantic Trailer

Well Roz can do it!
So can I, not rowing for me be cycling.
I'm at the point that I'm changing my work for a Motorcycle Mechanic to Driving Trucks and Trailers (why? better pay and I can top up my savings when overseas).
I'm working part time at this time in Retail which I'm liking a lot more then stick out back of a workshop.
My Plan is to pay off money I own (because of being ill in 2012) and then save save and save more for the next two years. Then start cycling for my front door and see how far I can go.....
I hope all the way home again.


Beyond the Drop - Pro Kayaking Video Presented By Teva

I have been missing my kayaking, may have to get me kayak out again and go for a paddle this week.

Have Fun out on the Water



Monday, 27 May 2013

First Photo of my new Cargo Bike

Well its Finished and up and running.

Big Dummy Loaded after Market Day

So having finish My new Bike it time to ride it and tune it to fit me ;-)

Pete . . . More to come 


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Rear Wheel for Dummy

Well over the weekend I removed my Phil Wood rear hub from my Africa Bike.

I used it to build up my new rear wheel with a Mavic EX721 rim and DT spokes.

I hope my new Surly Big Dummy frameset will turn up in the morning! so I can start building it up.
Tonight I remove my old Chris King headset to use with this bike build, so some of my old Africa Bike will live on into this new bicycle.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cargo Bikes

Today I place an order for a Surly Big Dummy in 18". I'm going to build it up with N.O.S. cycle parts that I have laying around in my part box's.
The Only parts I do not have is a Headset and outer cable housings? I'll be removing the Chris King Headset from my Africa Bike.
I am also relacing my rear Africa Bike wheel, replacing my old rim with a 26" Mavic EX721, Strong because of the loading I'll be placing onto this Bike.

So why I'm I going with a Cargo Bike? will I'm going to be selling Walnuts and Walnut oils etc. at Taupo's Saturday Morning Market.

I'll be posting the build of this Bike as I go...............



Monday, 13 May 2013

The Best Action Cam Bike Mount in the World

Well I have been thinking a lot Tongue
I got a Sony Action Cam and have been look at mounting it on my Tom I have tyred a few place's and been in a lot of pain thinking about it...... Well at last I have come up with the Best set up in the World  Tongue

I got a Manfrotto 492 Ball head here.

I removed the bushing (down to 1/4")

Then tapped out the inside (which was 5mm) to M6

Here's the Tap

Then cleaned it, and fitted a bolt to check sizing

Then cut a bolt and fitted a nut and washer

And then fitted it in place of my old top cap and bolt

Then I mount up my Action Cam

How I can adjust it to not only be pointed out front but down to my front wheel, side way's, or back to my crank's/feet e.t.c.

Have a go  Cool

Pete  Wink


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Life is moving around a Hub

Hi All that read my little blog, I'm still alive and well! just been working loads of hour's at my old Job.

Time to look for a new place of work

Here is a little look at my past life as a Mountain Unicyclist, I run a geared Uni Hub
here is a clip about how they are made!

I will be updating my Blog more in the time to come


Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Friend I made last year in Africa Holly

Holly Beetham TDA 2012

Riding to Chitimba Beach, Malawi
Meeting the locals in Tanzania. Photo Courtesy Jennifer Dyck-SproutHolly was the second person I met in Cairo before we began our long and incredible journey down Africa. We clicked immediately; she ended up being my closest friend on the trip, and we remained close once we returned home. We went through many really crazy adventures together: my bike being stolen in the middle of rural Tanzania and her assisting in negotiating its recovery, and us being hit by a transport truck are the first to come to mind. Holly wasn’t a one friend kind of gal though, she was a social butterfly extraordinaire! She positively affected the lives of everyone she came into contact with.
Holly passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday February 25, 2013. I had visited with her and left just a few hours before. When I shared the news of her passing with our TDA 2012 family I was overwhelmed with all of the lovely things they shared. I could go on forever about Holly, but I’d rather relay how she affected everyone around her.
Holly had such a beautiful and generous spirit. I admired her courage and positivity. I know she had planned to do TDA for quite a few years and I am so glad she did.
-Nola Reynolds
We are all lucky to have had Holly play such a meaningful and memorable role in our lives… Four months felt like four years, and for that I am now glad.
-Jana Dumas
 She was such a bright light and her positivity was infectious.
-Nicole Winders
 Holly certainly brought laughter and fun into all our lives… ride in peace.
-Douglas Percival
 She stills lives strong in my memories…She will always be The Unsinkable Holly to me.
-Marita Reilly
I’m going to miss those long updates, sharing of book lists and life enhancing reads we’ve had the last few months.
-Shona Bell
God I loved that girl!  She was the fucking best, for real. Glad I had so many chances to tell her that before it was too late.  Coming to Toronto in two months and I wrote a list of people I need to see there, and she was literally the first one I wrote.
-Jennifer Dyck-Sprout
… Holly was the last TDA rider I said Goodbye to. That Hug…
-Peter Goodman
My last Ride with Holly. Namibia. Photo Courtesy Ming Jiing-HsiehOne of my first images of Holly was on one of the first hot mornings… she appeared almost as a ghostly apparition, with every exposed pore caked with sunscreen. Adding to the effect was the fact that she had chosen to dress in almost all-white cycling clothing!!! Two thoughts sprung to mind (humourous of course): I know Africa’s sun is harsh, but not THAT harsh! And… I wonder whether she realizes how her appearance is a sight for sore eyes! You coulda chosen some colour Holly! As one got to know Holly better, one understood…  she valued the protection of her skin more than her “general appearance”! I think what I’ll remember MOST about Holly was her “cackle”… This would usually have been preceded by some witty comment that she’d made herself… although she DID come up with some pearlers! …she completely lambasted Africa, and everything … African that one time! As we in Africa would say: she was “woes” (pronounced ‘voo-s’). Yes, she wanted connectivity!
I have broken out into many unashamed fits of tears as I think of the many occasions I shared with Holly.
-Steven Smith
  …memories of her are still so vivid… She was always so positive. I will always remember her great laugh…
-Jurgen Meijer
 So hard to comprehend how such a gentle, fun and loving spirit can be taken away before her time. She was “light” to so many of us.  Dear Holly, the arranger of Donkey Showers,* is still able to bring us all together even though we are strewn across a myriad of continents; the power of a girl with a strong spirit. 
-Gizele Price
…the amazing spirit of Holly will shine bright forever.
-Natalie Sisson
.. wonderful memories of Holly …  especially the Trivia Night we held where she was very cheeky with some of her responses and we were both were giggling like naughty children.
-John Phillips
It brings her back to my mind vividly, on the bike (sunblocked to the max and with that big smile) and in camp (always interested, and in for a good story and a laugh). She’ll not be forgotten.
-Femke Nelissen
RIP Super Holly. You’ll be always in my heart!
-Carlos Baez Aleman
 She was truly an inspiration and will always be remembered as fun and full of life.
-Rosalyn Goodwin
…we had a longest cycling journey 207 km to Namibian border, Holly and I got up early in the morning (3:00 a.m.) and then we started before 6:30 while it is at dawn. Ah!!! I miss her so much…
-Ming Jiing-Hsieh
She was such a beautiful person with a unique personality – she will be missed in this world.
-Claire Pegler
 I can remember on the tour vividly my first conversation with Holly. It was one of the only time trials I actually decided to race… I pulled up beside her I immediately gave up the time trial and had perhaps one of the deepest, most real conversations I have ever had with anyone.
-Graham Lister
…she was a wonderful person on and off the bike…
If anyone lived in the last year it was her and we all saw it; her strength will be remembered for all those who knew her and suffered together in the Tour D’Afrique 2012
-Adam Lister
Holly and I on the day she passed, Feb 25 2013Let’s be honest I do have a bit to share as well. I will finish with a bit from the letter I wrote breaking the bitter news to the group: Remember that contagious laugh, her compassion for everyone with whom we share the Earth (even the bugs), her persuasion skills, and the way you’d find yourself talking about personal things you were sure you’d not share, her perseverance and determination to finish some days (perhaps physically the weakest, but mentally she was up there with the racers), to recover post injury. When she triumphed over the challenges that ended the tour for her and came out as bright as ever, I was sure she was unstoppable. The tour ended for Holly unexpectedly and abruptly three weeks prior to reaching Cape Town. When we were hit by a transport truck Holly was badly injured and had to remain in hospital.
Holly, the world will miss your joy, your laugh, and your compassion. I love you Holly Berry!
-Lisa “Little Spoon” Kingsley-Correia
Visitation is at the Taylor Funeral Parlor in Sutton, Ontario from 7-9pm on Friday the 8th of March. On Saturday the 9th at 2pm there will be a memorial service at the Knox United Church in Sutton.

Monday, 18 February 2013

New Year

Its a new year and over one year ago from being so ill.
Looking forward to new things.