Monday, 27 May 2013

First Photo of my new Cargo Bike

Well its Finished and up and running.

Big Dummy Loaded after Market Day

So having finish My new Bike it time to ride it and tune it to fit me ;-)

Pete . . . More to come 


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Rear Wheel for Dummy

Well over the weekend I removed my Phil Wood rear hub from my Africa Bike.

I used it to build up my new rear wheel with a Mavic EX721 rim and DT spokes.

I hope my new Surly Big Dummy frameset will turn up in the morning! so I can start building it up.
Tonight I remove my old Chris King headset to use with this bike build, so some of my old Africa Bike will live on into this new bicycle.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cargo Bikes

Today I place an order for a Surly Big Dummy in 18". I'm going to build it up with N.O.S. cycle parts that I have laying around in my part box's.
The Only parts I do not have is a Headset and outer cable housings? I'll be removing the Chris King Headset from my Africa Bike.
I am also relacing my rear Africa Bike wheel, replacing my old rim with a 26" Mavic EX721, Strong because of the loading I'll be placing onto this Bike.

So why I'm I going with a Cargo Bike? will I'm going to be selling Walnuts and Walnut oils etc. at Taupo's Saturday Morning Market.

I'll be posting the build of this Bike as I go...............



Monday, 13 May 2013

The Best Action Cam Bike Mount in the World

Well I have been thinking a lot Tongue
I got a Sony Action Cam and have been look at mounting it on my Tom I have tyred a few place's and been in a lot of pain thinking about it...... Well at last I have come up with the Best set up in the World  Tongue

I got a Manfrotto 492 Ball head here.

I removed the bushing (down to 1/4")

Then tapped out the inside (which was 5mm) to M6

Here's the Tap

Then cleaned it, and fitted a bolt to check sizing

Then cut a bolt and fitted a nut and washer

And then fitted it in place of my old top cap and bolt

Then I mount up my Action Cam

How I can adjust it to not only be pointed out front but down to my front wheel, side way's, or back to my crank's/feet e.t.c.

Have a go  Cool

Pete  Wink