Monday, 13 May 2013

The Best Action Cam Bike Mount in the World

Well I have been thinking a lot Tongue
I got a Sony Action Cam and have been look at mounting it on my Tom I have tyred a few place's and been in a lot of pain thinking about it...... Well at last I have come up with the Best set up in the World  Tongue

I got a Manfrotto 492 Ball head here.

I removed the bushing (down to 1/4")

Then tapped out the inside (which was 5mm) to M6

Here's the Tap

Then cleaned it, and fitted a bolt to check sizing

Then cut a bolt and fitted a nut and washer

And then fitted it in place of my old top cap and bolt

Then I mount up my Action Cam

How I can adjust it to not only be pointed out front but down to my front wheel, side way's, or back to my crank's/feet e.t.c.

Have a go  Cool

Pete  Wink


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