Saturday, 28 December 2013

Happier Times it's Christmas

Well it Christmas and its warm in New Zealand at this time of year, i'm over the Cowboys of Africa/Canada!

So I have got a new Road Bike Frameset for Christmas and i'm in the middle of building her up, just waiting on a few parts to come.... I'm hoping today! but next week is ok.

Here is one of my Christmas Cards I got this year. . . .

NZ Christmas at the Beach



Thursday, 26 December 2013

Africa and Cowboys

I now have the time to be writing about my time in Africa last year. The Highs and the Lows!

My Time in Africa.

I think the best way to see Africa, is to Cycle Tour (solo). There are some cycle tours in Africa that are run by Cowboys!

First my background
I have worked as a Tour Driver, Tour Leader, and Part time Cook (I'm not a very good cook) for over Ten Years in NZ, Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavian.
I have worked for some of the Best Tour Companies and a Few Cowboys Tour Companies! so I do know how tours work and how that the good companies do so much behind the scene! 
When Cowboys just take your Money and Do not check, phone, e-mail, how you are? or how they can help you or your family!

Last week I was talking to a Doctor from OZ and she was saying the the word was out (in OZ) about how a Canadian Cycle Tour Company that was working in Africa with No Safe! Safety Plan.

This need's to change! before someone Dies in Africa with them.

So for me and my time in Africa.

I saw this first hand when a friend on the Tour had e-mailed a number of times over the months leading up to the Tour about being a Vegan and if they could accommodate their needs on Tour and the reply was always Yes! 
But when at the start of the Tour, the Cook asked if there was any vegetarians on Tour (which there were a few) and when they said that they were a Vegan! and the Cook said I hope you have all you Diet Needs??

This after all the e-mails about being a Vegan!

When I got sick I found out the hard way that all was not good, No back up plan! I was taken to the wrong Hospital 1st then the 2nd Hospital was not very good and still the wrong one! the people that said they were Doctors were Not Doctors! This is where a Safety Plan comes in! (I would have been better to find a good Doctor then go to a Bad Hospital).

Why No Safety Plan? this is just Not the way to be running a Cycle Tour Company in Africa! and having done this for ten years is Just Wrong.

I was Lucky that two of the staff where Very Very Good from the Tour Group.

One saving my life late at night in the Hospital (By Herself) Then She and One of the guys Kidnapped me, taking me to the Airport and onto a Plane.
The Flying Doctors to Kenya thanks to my Travel Insurance and the two staff off the Tour.

This Plane ride was the Best Plane Ride I have had, Inflight Painkillers! (at last I could handle the pain!), Water and Crisps (1st food and water in over 20 hours). A Big thanks to all the staff on the Plane! and thanks for taking most of my cycle gear with me :) 

The Plane was packed.

Once in Kenya and at one of the best Hospitals in Africa, the Doctor's and all the Staff were Great! Thank You for looking after me and getting me back onto my feet again! (Sorry for Fighting you all the time! trying to walk 20 metres when I could only walk 1 metre!) 

I was sick in Bed for almost 4 weeks, then 2 + weeks in a Hotel as an Outpatient.

I would like to Thank a few who stopped me going mad, All the Staff in the Kenya Hospital, Cousin Alan for coming to see me for a few days, my Auntie for faxing the New Zealand Embassy,Tom and this Family (Honorary-Consul to New Zealand in Kenya) Who has since Died... (
Thanks Tom) Thanks to All in the Hotel in Kenya, there was a lot of you that helped me :-) Thanks

No thanks to the Cowboys from the Cycle Tour in Canada or Africa!Yes you washed your hands of me!

(Yes I did apply to work for you? but like in Europe! Good staff can help make a Cowboy Tour 
Company into an Ok Tour Company!)

So I have not named the Cowboys! But you all know who I was cycling in Africa with, and they are the Cowboys that I had and will Not Name! I do not have the money or time to hold them to Account for there bad planning and aftercare.

I would just have liked a phone call to check on me, or for them to send someone to see me (they have friends in Kenya), or to e-mail me to say Sorry for there poor Safety Planning and that they have fixed this for the up coming years?

If you go with them Good Luck!

I will be going back to Africa Solo or with a Friend or Two..

Africa is Waiting :-)