Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why Front Panniers Only?

Hi guys, I have been wondering all the time why you are only riding front panniers. Does this not affect steering in a negative way. What is the reason - short Seatstays with Big feet?— Asked by stamina-co-deactivated20140331
We are gonna let John Watson / Prolly Is Not Probably answer that since this question was asked in this context on his site a while ago, and you can find more here too
Basically, there’s nothing to really read up on. A bike with a mid to low trail will hold weight low and in front better than it will off the rear. A rear-loaded bike becomes unusable out of the saddle (sways 20+ lbs side to side) and when descending, it can become even more unstable. Low and front loaded bikes (when they’re designed for it) will still ride like normal. You can get out of the saddle, sprint, climb and do just as you could without the weight. They’ll descend with the same feeling and will be inherently more predictable. I put a rear rack on my touring bike for camping trips, with only a tent on it… No bags. 

I back in the 1980's I cycle toured around the U.K. with just front Panniers and Loved it.
Why for me was because the weight was the some on the front wheel to the rear wheel, plus as above.

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New Specialized AWOL Adventure Bike

Well it's been a while since I have written a post.
I have been training for the up coming two laps of Lake Taupo (320km's) and have not liked the close driving of New Zealand Car driver to Cyclist in NZ!
So I ordered a new Specialized AWOL Adventure bike.

Like this Below

Specialized AWOL 

Why? Because I can do my road riding on Back roads and joint the Back Roads up with so of the 200 + Km's of Mountain Biking Tracks in and around Taupo.

In NZ we get the base Awol so it comes with no fenders or carriers, But i'm changing things around to suit me.

More pic's to come . . . . . .