Friday, 3 October 2014

Would You like to go for an easy walk with me?

El Caminito del Rey is located right next to the sleepy town of El Chorro in Malaga, Spain. Construction of the one meter wide, three kilometers long walkway through El Chorro canyon started in 1901 and were completed in 1905. Rising a 100 meters above the Canyons floor, the path cuts the canyon’s giant limestone cliffs in half with another 75 meters of sheer rock jutting above it. It was originally build to provide access for workers between the hydroelectric power plants in El Chorro Falls. 

Five Ten has long been a leader in high friction footwear for climbing. Now we are moving into the world of dangerous hiking. To test our new footwear, we have set a goal of pursuing some of the world’s most dangerous hikes. For a start, follow Nico Favresse and Colette McInerney exploring the El Caminito del Rey and discover the full story at:

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